Sky Base One: Renderings

A one-off development concept

  • Unique villa design, interior and exterior
  • 300m from the sea (small hidden beach)
  • Area: 626sqm on both levels
  • 6 en-suite bedrooms, each with an individual designer bathroom
  • Heated swimming pool with inbuilt lounger spaces and jets
  • 3 Car Garage
  • Elevating platform from the basement to the ground floor
  • Automatic living room/dining room and kitchen patio door which descends into the floor, completely opening up the space to the outside
  • Breathtaking sea views
  • Designer kitchen
  • Cinema room
  • Wine adega
  • Fully landscaped garden
  • Air conditioning and underfloor heating
  • Fully furnished


A Dream Home for the Sci-Fi Movie Lovers

All great projects are the result of passion. What is once a simple thought; slowly grows, matures, develops a life of its own and takes unpredictable shapes when it becomes reality.

From sculpture and business concepts to architecture, the greatest and most impressive man-made results we see in the world today have a strong personal story supporting them.  

Sky Base One is no different.

What was once a traditional family home in a quiet, residential and incredibly scenic area of the Algarve in Portugal, became the fertile soil for an unimaginable dream. The inspiration? What could be more inspiring than the world of Movies. Films, like books, are a nest for possibilities and open doors to realities different than our own. They allow us to see a world beyond what is visible, they give colour to our childhood, frame our teen years, and expand our horizons during adulthood. 

The creators of Sky Base One are so passionate about movies, that they believe our favourite titles can influence our day to day lives positively. More than just incorporating movies into the design scheme of their houses, they let movies be the main inspiration for all their architectural concept as well.

Sky Base One is a bespoke and highly detailed architectural project inspired by one of the most celebrated and well-known science fiction action films in history. It was developed as a private home for a couple or family who desire more than just a beautiful and comfortable living space. It is the materialisation of a dream for any Sci-Fi fan as it gets, starting from the shape of the building which had the most legendary of spaceships as the main inspiration for its exterior design.

Every space was designed to make residents and visitors feel suddenly immersed in a futuristic environment. From the entrance door to the swimming pool outside, unusual angles and curves play with light and perspective making the building a playground for the imagination.

With a floor area of 625sqm on both levels, Sky Base One was created as the ultimate retreat for the sci-fi movie lover post COVID-19. Airflow, materials and surfaces have been planned to facilitate maintaining a spotless environment. The property is airy, light and spacious and has a particularly mind-blowing feature: a glass wall facing the terrace that moves down automatically and disappears underground. The entire building opens up allowing physical distancing to be achieved naturally. It is a space to socialise in comfort, a safe place to create, restore and renew.

The Algarve coast is the spectacular backdrop for this bold and innovative project, situated only 300m from the sea. Wellbeing and ‘a sense of peace’ were important factors in the development of this project. For a busy mind, all it takes to rest is to gaze outwards towards the sea; every room in the house welcomes the surrounding environment in.

A sci-fi movie inspired architectural project wouldn’t be as authentic without a highly bespoke, state-of-the-art cinema room. Sky Base One comes with a cinema room entirely designed with your favourite movie in mind. From materials, fabrics and furniture to special effects such as floor vibration, moving walls and seats. The only limit to one’s imagination here is what is physically impossible. The more time we spend at home, the more important entertainment becomes. The gaming and film industries are about to enter a golden era with a much higher demand for movies, series and all forms of digital entertainment.

As art imitates reality and reality imitates art, a world without wine would be unimaginable in the new reality, as the entire world slowly reopen after months of quarantine and uncertainty. We have all experienced being stuck indoors for long periods of time looking for ways to keep our minds occupied, be it through Media, dining of wine degustation. Sky Base One comes with a temperature controlled private cellar that could store enough bottles for a family to enjoy for a few months.

For an investor, what is most interesting about this project is that the area where Sky Base One is situated is currently underdeveloped and is bound to go through a significant boom in the next few years. If there is a time to invest in this region, the time is now. The Algarve is not only one of the most scenic regions of Portugal but also one of the safest and easiest to live in Europe; with a stable society, a good health system, many opportunities for investment which include government support and no language barriers as English is widely spoken.

If a sci-fi movie inspired home surrounded by the best nature has to offer in one of the most scenic regions of the planet doesn’t sound like a future to look forward to, what will?

Author: Renata Fernandes


Concept 1: Vivid Interiors

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