Production Services

A man is always a teller of tales, he lives surrounded by his stories and the stories of others, he sees everything that happens to him through them, and he tries to live his life as if he were recounting it.

We help you select the best location for movies, commercials, photo shoots and special corporate events. Check out the Spy Manor special location offerings here. With our well-established local network, we will put you in touch with the local fixers and will take care of the necessary permits.

We help you with various elements to prepare your material and video concept to a successful production process – including support on the budgeting, script, casting, as well as identifying the crew and equipment you may need.

Our pre-production services include:

    • Scouting programs and recce trips
    • Location scouting
    • Permits and local fixers
    • Security
    • Transportation
    • Budgeting
    • Local tax incentives and other benefits
    • Scheduling
    • Staff, crew and DH recruiting or contracting
    • Payroll
    • Equipment rental
    • Catering services
    • Props rental
    • Props and set build
    • Special effects
    • Script doctoring 

We can help you with a one-off project or offer you full – service solutions with ongoing projects. We assist you in all aspects of the production process from the back-office operations and arranging the necessary health and safety protocols to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines for filming in Portugal, to the script doctoring, local language adaptions to providing catering and the transportation logistics support.

Our production services include:

  • Production management
  • Location management 
  • Location security
  • Script supervision (multi-language)
  • Catering
  • Screening room
  • All departments mobile caravans
  • Sound stage
  • Crew
  • Equipment and daily supplies
  • Risk mitigation
  • Wrap

We are there to support you in your “after the wrap” activities

Being experts in VIP corporate hospitality, we arrange wrap parties for the hard-working filming teams and crew. With our PR-related know-how, we arrange press-conferences and support the productions with developing the press-releases, sharing them within out media network, following up on them, establishing interviews and curating the published content.

Our ‘after the wrap’ activities include:

  • Wrap party – please, check our corporate hospitality pages for examples
  • PR support
  • Equipment returns
  • Location closing
  • Financial closing





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