A Returnable High-Tech TV Crime Drama Cold Mind

“I have worked in action movies my whole life and have been associated with cutting-edge genres from the beginning. Such as James Bond, Superman, The Indiana Jones Trilogy through to Thor, Spiderman, and many others. I think all these Franchises have been game-changers in the Action and Adventure World. Now we have “COLD MIND” which is a 21st century game changer, it is delving into the whole new world of AI. AI is the thing everybody is frightened of, fascinated with, and excited by. Its futuristic realism and endless opportunities open the door to situations that have never been tapped before. I am extremely pleased to be associated with Spy Manor as an action consultant in this exciting new project. And the launch of a new genre!”

VIC ARMSTRONG (renowned British stuntman and film director)

Vic Armstrong_Vanda_Everke_Cold_Mind
Vic Armstrong at the film set of COLD MIND, Algarve, Portugal, next to Vanda Everke, executive producer and producer of the show. Photo by Miriam Molinero.

COLD MIND concept has been designed as a blend of events inspired by true crime with cutting-edge technology applications projected to emerge in the market within several years. 

Spy Manor Productions is leveraging the extensive high-tech industry background and thought leadership of its executive producers, who played a pivotal role it designing this show’s concept.

“At its heart, COLD MIND is an exciting, intriguing, plot-twisting police crime drama. With multiple timelines unfolding on two continents, we are bringing fresh, topical and ground-breaking storylines to this well-loved genre.” Director/Showrunner SIMON HUNTER 

Simon Hunter directing at the film set of COLD MIND at Sky Base One, Algarve, Portugal. Photo by Miriam Molinero.

With an international cast and crew, “COLD MIND” stars NIAMH McCORMACK (Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, The Witcher), multi award-winning stage actor JOS VANTYLER, JOANA SEIXAS (Lua Vermelha, Onde Está Elisa?) and PAULO CALATRE (Madre Paula, The Last Bath).

Written by ROSS JAMESON (Freefonix, Second Origin) and directed by SIMON HUNTER (Edie) the show will feature an original score by one of the UK’s most successful composers DEBBIE WISEMAN (Wolf Hall,  Dickensian) and cinematography by AUGUST JAKOBSSON (Game of Thrones, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, The Northman).  The Stunt Advisor is one of the world’s most renown stuntmen VIC ARMSTRONG (James Bond franchiseRaiders of the Lost Ark, Mission: Impossible III, Gangs of New York, Return of the Jedi, Blade Runner, etc). Producers are ALEX and VANDA EVERKE (Infernal Machine, There’s Always Hope), Co-Producer is prolific UK veteran MICHAEL RILEY. 

The principal photography of the show’s first pilot episode has been completed, the episode is scheduled for delivery by the end of September 2024. The COLD MIND Producers team plans to complete the show in the next 18 months.

For any inquiries related to COLD MIND, please reach out to vanda@spymanor.com.


Lifestyle Portugal Magazine Editorial Cold Mind
Editorial on COLD MIND in LIFESTYLE PORTUGAL Magazine 018 June/July 2024.
COLD MIND Editorial Lifestyle Portugal Magazine Page 2
rei das praias-luis-encarnacao-mayor-lagoa-vanda-everke-alex-everke-executive-producers-cold-mind
Luis Encarnação, the Mayor of Lagoa, and Luis Martinho from Rei das Praias have supported COLD MIND filming at the unique location in Ferragudo, Portugal. Photo by Miriam Molinero.
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