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We have a number of on-going development projects aiming to provide the film and entertainment industries with a physical base for projects related to performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, comics, interactive arts, video games, websites, and video.



1950s motorsport was fast, furious, fun – and lethal. It was an era when drivers wore helmets made of cork and leather, tyres were something
that stopped the bodywork dragging on the ground and belts were used to hold your trousers up. An era where death was expected around every corner and accepted as an occupational hazard.

Enter a band of intrepid women drivers who took on the male dominated motorsport elite – and won.

This is the story of Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom. From the glamour of Monte Carlo to the peaks of The Alpine Rally, Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom triumphed time and time again wrestling with cars like the brutish Austin Healy 3000 to the humble Mini.

There were many endurance events like Le Mans and The Mille Miglia but the roughest and toughest of them all was a four-day charge across Europe, the gruelling Liege – Rome – Liege Rally.

Moss and Wisdom achieved many successes in rallying including the first ever win for the Mini but their victory in The Liege – Rome – Liege is still considered to be one of the greatest ever in the history of motor sport.



The production  features actor Colm Meany and is for international release .

Colm Meaney (Hell On Wheels), Kate Ashfield (Shaun Of The Dead) and newcomer Hannah Chinn star in the feature about a successful author named Jonathan Stack (Meaney), who has been so obsessed with trying to pen his magnum opus that he’s let his marriage to Samantha (Ashfield), who is also his agent and editor, break down to the point where she announces she’s leaving him for her business partner.

Devastated, he abandons the elegant family home in leafy Stratford Upon Avon and drives his ancient Jaguar to the family villa in Portugal where their young daughter Hope (Chinn) and her half-sister Amelia (Brenda Meaney) try to help sort things out.

Producers are Harriet Hammond (You, Me & Him), Victor Glynn (Staged) and Alan Latham (Waiting For Anya). Executive producers are Geoff Iles and Julian Hicks. Production companies are Stratford Upon Avon-based Bad Penny Productions, Yorkshire-based Eagle Film Productions and Monte Productions in Portugal.

Crew includes Oscar-nominated production designer Tim Hutchinson (Victor Victoria), composer Guy Farley (Anthropoid), DoP Ali Asad (Mad To Be Normal) and editor Jeremy Gibb (Property Of The State).


The Rise and Fall of the first MGM Star to talk in the Movies.

One of the biggest Stars on The Silver Screen in the 1920s and 1930s.
Resisting to conform to the all-Powerful studio system, he was erased from cinematic history.
The true story of William Haines, the silent screen star who was fired by Louis B Mayer of MGM Studios because he was gay and refused to marry and give up his lifelong partner Jimmy Shields.
In 1930, William ‘Billy’ Haines was one of MGM’s most idolised male stars, second only to John Gilbert.
On screen he was tailor-made to get the girl in the last reel. On the back lot he cruised every bit player and stagehand in sight. Billy lived openly with his lover and former stand-in Jimmy Shields.
This was tolerated by the studio until rumours started to seep out into the wider world. Louis B Mayer
ordered him to marry the sultry silent screen vamp Pola Negri. Billy refused and so Louis B Mayer fired
Billy’s defiance of the studio led to his second and even more successful career as an interior designer
to the stars. The Tailor-Made Man is a story about Hollywood and its system and hypocrisy, but above
all it is the story of Billy and Jimmy’s turbulent, passionate love affair that survived and lasted over 50



“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

In this case, his name is not the problem, the odour is! This fragrant rom-com is taking us through a bouquet of emotions. Can a scent be translated by pictures? Can you smell the love?

Celebrated Parisian perfumer Tess has lost her sense of smell and is about to go out of business. She returns to her Midwestern hometown to settle her late mother’s estate only to find the house comes with a back-to-the-land caretaker who refuses to move out of his eco-treehouse in the backyard.

She has two weeks to sell the house, get back to Paris with a new scent that will revolutionise the industry and save her business. But with a  hormonal teenage daughter sampling American culture, Tarzan in the backyard, and a nose out of whack… She has her work cut out for her.