Bespoke Cinema Rooms

You can have the Cinema Room of your Dreams

We can help you design and build a spine tingling, state-of-the-art cinema room at your own home or business.

We strongly believe that the space we choose to watch films can drastically influence our impression, experience and memory of the movie. The right space and technology can not only enhance a movie, but it can also make it more memorable.

There are many ways in which we can improve our experience watching our favourite films: From the right seats, room temperature and quality of the audio, to the distance between us and the screen. Every single detail is taken in consideration when creating the right cinema room. The walls, the colours, the fabrics, the type of floor, the height of the ceiling, how the seats are positioned, you would be surprised to see the difference even the smallest details can make.

We believe that very often, how and where we watch movies, don’t do movies justice. Imagine feeling your seat vibrate when you are watching an exciting action movie, imagine feeling that the actors and actresses are right next to you when they speak, imagine being able to change the distance between yourself and the screen as well as the temperature of the room according to the type of movie you are about to watch.

We take movies very seriously and feel you would your experience can be significantly enhanced, in the right cinema room.

Do you have a favourite movie you would like to use as inspiration for your cinema room?

Maybe you have a favourite brand you would like to incorporate to your cinema room’s interior design?

Whatever you have in mind, can be achieved with the right people behind it. We have gone through this process ourselves for our own projects.

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