The effect of Coronavirus in the Film Industry

It actually sounds like a good movie script: A highly infectious virus preventing people from travelling, meeting, going to events and even to work.

The impact of COVID-19 has been seen in every industry since early February and it has not even reached its peak yet.

Almost all Chinese movie theatres shut down since January and more than 20,000 music events have been cancelled or postponed, it is estimated that coronavirus has cost the industry $286 million in ticketing losses so far.

  • No Time to Die’s release has been postponed to the end of November
  • Mission: Impossible VII with Tom Cruise shut down production on February 26
  • The New York premiere of Superman: Red Son was cancelled
  • The live-action remake of Mulan was delayed indefinitely
  • Cannes Film Festival might be cancelled
  • The Amazing Race US suspended production to be cautious

A number of concerts have been postponed or cancelled too: New Order, Mariah Carey, Ultra Music Festival, Avril Lavinge are just some of them.

Google and Facebook have cancelled their events and even the world’s biggest phone show, Mobile World Congress was cancelled this month.

If you are going to the Australian GP, you are lucky, the event is still going ahead. Wherever you go to, stay cautious.