Bond in Pictures: Terry O’Neill exhibition is coming soon

We are hugely excited to share the news on Terry O’Neil’s exhibition. Peter, a core member of our team, had the pleasure of working with Terry and his publishing company over the last few years, helping with events and showcasing launches. He was involved in the development of this new Bond Book and invited Robert Wade and Neal Purvis (who have written the scripts for the Bond Films over the last 20 years, including No Time to die) to do the forward preface on the book.

You will see in the With Thanks section of the Book, a special thanks to Peter Ogunsalu and Spy Manor .

The Book rolls off the printing press – 22nd March and there will be a launch and exhibition at Terry’s Gallery in Chelsea soon.

We hope to do a signing and book event at the Mayfair Hotel in London in November to align with the release of the Bond film .

To learn more about what you will be able to see at the exhibition please see the latest coverage on SKY News:

Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill
The Iconic Images Gallery in Chelsea, London